McCo Media

McCo Media

Our tenant at 900 Haddon Ave & Colls Suites, McCo Media, was founded in 2019 by Doug McConnell, Doug saw a chasm between businesses and their audiences and envisioned McCo Media as the bridge to close that gap.

Forget stock photos and forced smiles; Doug’s passion lies in capturing true stories, whether it’s a family’s first home milestone, a brand’s authentic essence, or the raw excitement of a client transforming from timid to confident.

The McCo Media studio is nestled in the heart of Collingswood’s vibrant 900 Haddon Ave, the office building reflects what McCo is all about. The readily available office spaces at 900 Haddon Avenue allow sunlight to stream through expansive windows, bathing the space in a warm glow, while pops of color and curated artwork whisper tales of creativity.

McCo Media offers a wide range of services out of their office space at 900 Haddon. They can provide clients with photography for both in-house and on-site needs. Photography isn’t the only thing they provide, McCo also provides expert videography for clients, from filming drone shots of real estate spaces to capturing client testimonials that encapsulate the essence of the client’s business, the McCo team can capture anything.

McCo Media even offers a space for local podcasters to host out of, their studio inside 900 Haddon is equipped with a podcast set and sound stage that is available to rent out once a week or month for clients to record their podcast episodes. The McCo Media studio in 900 Haddon is available for clients for hosting and curation to development and production.

So, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur yearning to connect with your customers, a family longing to preserve precious memories, or a podcaster with a story to tell, step into the sunlit haven of McCo Media at 900 Haddon.

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