Rad Robot

Rad Robot

Located In the office spaces at 900 Haddon & Colls Suites is Rad Robot. Rad Robot is an art brand created by Lee Angerstein, Lee runs his studio out of the readily available 900 Haddon office spaces. Driven by a lifelong passion for cartoons, video games, and storytelling, Lee has crafted a dynamic hub that empowers individuals to explore their artistic potential and realize their creative visions.

Rad Robot began with Lee’s childhood fascination with comics, sparked by a captivating Spider-Man comic book. This early inspiration fueled his pursuit of formal art education and a fulfilling career in the creative realm. Embracing his entrepreneurial spirit, Lee founded Rad Robot, a multifaceted platform encompassing a diverse array of artistic projects and endeavors.

Lee’s commitment to fostering creativity extends beyond the realm of Youtube and social media. His studio in our 900 Haddon office building, serves as a vibrant hub for aspiring artists of all ages, Lee offers comprehensive art classes that provide essential guidance in art and animation that ignite artistic passion. Through his mentorship and expertise, Lee empowers others to harness their talents, develop their unique artistic voices, and contribute to a thriving creative community.

900 Haddon & Colls Suite has become the brushstrokes that give life to Lee’s vision. High-speed internet keeps him connected to the boundless universe of digital creativity, while the convenient location in the heart of Collingswood’s business district fosters collaboration and artistic exchange. But beyond the bricks and mortar, 900 Haddon and Rad Robot share a soul – a love for innovation, a dedication to pushing boundaries, and a belief in the transformative power of creativity.

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